While searching for the image of the king, I came across this little story of miracle.

Experiencing the miracle of the Lord in anointing his career, in turn helping to bring the cause of Christianity to a new mile stone, Constantine eventually asked to be baptized at the end of his life.

From the little story of new miracle, most likely he has been living as a guardian angle in the heaven. Not all the kings anointed by God end up a life faithful and fruitful. Gladly Constantine did it and many are blessed.

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A Miracle of Saint Constantine in 1947

By Emmanuel Lagouvardos of Moscow  5/21/2012

In 1947 I was seven years old and living with my parents in Tirnavos. Christmas eve we went to my grandmothers from Tironavos to her village in Grevena Town, where we waited for my grandfather. In Elassona we visited my aunt, to stay a few hours until the military vehicle came out that was a minesweeper, because the road had mines.

Playing with my cousin of the same age at my aunt’s house, the warmer stumbled and charcoal fell onto the carpet. Saddened by the mess I escaped, disappearing from my aunt’s house and I went to the river Titarisiou that crosses Elassona. I returned home when it started getting dark. The military vehicle was gone and we stayed the night at my aunt’s house.

At night my grandmother saw in her sleep her patron St. Constantine, who told her not to go to Deskati but to return to Tirnavos because her daughter’s life was in danger.

In the morning we returned to Tirnavos where my mother was in danger of dying from bleeding (she was giving birth to my sister Vasiliki) and doctors were not found anywhere. This was the state of Guerrilla warfare. My father was looking to find a doctor in Larissa. Finally we found a military doctor who was like a guardian angel and stayed several days with us to be constantly on the side of my mother, until he escaped the danger.



  1. You are the average of the company you keep

or you are who you hang out with

we’re more affected by our environment than we think.

  1. While it’s ideal to be closely surrounded by positive, supportive people who want you to succeed, it’s also necessary to have your critics.

novices have a preference for positive feedback, but experts want negative feedback, so that they can make progress.

  1. And the more successful you become, the more criticism you’ll face. Glenn Llopis over at Forbes wrote about how “6 Types Of People Build Your Mental Toughness,” including doubters, the leeches, critics, the envious, the victims, the noise. Without them, you’d never sharpen your skills or develop tough skin.

While other types maybe easy to understand, here is about the Leeches,

These are the people who lack creativity and originality. Leeches will stay close to your every move just so they can steal your ideas. They enjoy to pick your brain for wisdom that they can use for their own personal benefit. The sibling of the leech is the loafer.

以上是西方的交友处事的价值观,都很有道理。世俗化地应用这些tips, 就会产生不同的社会群体。这也是为什么有钱人搞富豪俱乐部,在同一阶层编织自己的社交关系网。也是为什么有上流社会,草根,小人物的区分。

从神的角度来看,就不太一样了。因为神的方法不同于人的方法。比如神的儿子,耶稣,prince of the princes,降生在马槽里,木匠家。他的门徒大都是普通的打鱼人。神不以贫富衣着看待人,神看中人的内心。在神的眼里,再有钱的富人,再有权力的君王都是泥土捏成的。 再贫穷的人,如果有谦卑的心意去接受神,认识那铺设天地的至高者,神都看为尊贵,视为眼中的瞳仁。




虚心的人有福了!因为天国是他们的 。



为 义 受 逼 迫 的 人 有 福 了 ! 因 为 天 国 是 他 们 的 。














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