Napkin Holder Set


Just finish the wind bell transform project —- napkin holder set. One flat, two vertical.
The vertical design is nice and simple
The flat one has a detachable paperweight of windbell tubes. When draw out napkins, the twin tubes may hit and clink.
I spare the cross on the bell and make a cross pattern in the box. The theme remained.


Material: wind bell, shoe box, magazine for pictures, foam, glue


Wind bell


When my son was in high school, I forgot it was mother’s day or my birthday, my son back home from outside and hand me something in bag, “You sure gonna like it!”. He sounded in excitement.

It was a wind bell with a cross. Though the design might not so slick, the heart patterns, the flower in the center and the translucent blue made it lovable. And it sound really nice!

At that time, I had a lot headache to deal with my son’s youth rebellion. The gift and his smile was a rare fine moment that I always remember. He also bought me pieces of dishcloth. That was my image in his mind —- a kitchen lady who loves the Lord.

The wind bell kept singing on balcony for years, until recently, after a windy rainy season, I found the strings tangled and the bell lost its voice. For many years, I left it outside singing in the background, never mind to take care of it. ….. now it has a weary look in my hand, rusty frame, faded blue, a string nearly broken. Don’t know how I can fix it.

Until yesterday, I decided to transform it to a napkin holder——– a second life of service, stable and quiet, indoor and outdoor.

Sand paper to brush away the rust. Sprinkle glisten glue. The metal tubes make enhancement on a transparent container. The hinged cross rest on top, hold napkins in place, define the dining etiquette……


My DIY idea, not finalize yet. A super glue can put things together. While I prefer transparent style, a sturdy container is more desired.

Anyway, I am glad that the gift from my son could remain still around.

Be grateful, be gracious, be precious, that’s the way to bond as family, right?